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5 of a Kind

This game uses 5 oversized dice. You roll them into the game table. If you roll three to five of a kind, you win giant to regular size prizes. It's a game for almost any age.

Batter Up

The game displays 33 7-inch bats of 5 rails. You only need to ring 2-inch bats to be a winner.

Bushel Basket

It may be a big basket, but it's not as easy as it looks. With the basket mounted at an angle, try to throw 3 balls. If at least one remains in the basket you win a large prize.

Cat in the Hat

To win a colored stove hat, and you throw two waffle balls into the Cat in the Hat board.

Clown Mouth

This bright colorful clown head sits atop a can ready to swallow balls that are thrown at him. Two out of three in his mouth wins.

Cover the Spot

Game board has a giant red dot; you have 5 discs to drop and cover the entire spot. Large prize game.

Crazy Cans

No magic beans here! Just take 3 beanbags and try to knock all 6-stacked cans down to snap you up a prize.

Flip a Chicken

You can have fun flipping rubber chickens in to the slot on the front of the game.

Flush It

Flush 2 out of 3 waffle balls in a potty to win.

Football Toss

Can you put the pigskin in the numbers when the receiver is 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide? We hope so!

Hoola Hoop It

Take the "60's" most popular toy and try to throw in over a square box. If you are successful you take home the prize.

Inflatable Basketball Game
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Inflatable Basketball Game

2 players fire off a 40-point game. First one to 40 in 20 seconds wins.

Kiddies High Striker

A brightly colored clown with a bell for a bowtie test every child, also comes as a fire chief Dalmatian. Everyone wins on this game. A basket of small toys is made available with a "good job" to each child who participates.

Krazy Ball

Select a color square and take the nerf ball and toss it, trying to land on your color selection. If you are successful, you win the prize.

Lucky Duck Pond
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Lucky Duck Pond

Pick up a duck and turn it over to determine the size prize you have won.

Milk Can

Take one milk can less the milk, give the player 3 balls, and throw one into the tip of the can. You're a winner.

One Hole Putt

For the serious golfer or novice. Sink a hole in one, despite the obstacles and you're ready for the "Pro" circuit.

Out House Run

6 rolls of toilet paper to throw in the slot to win a prize.

Over and Under

A great and easy game for all ages. Take the ball and roll it down the board. Whatever numbered slot it lands in you start adding. Total of all rolls must be under eleven or over thirty. Not only fun, but also it will test your math skills.

Pick a Pop

This game is always a favorite. Pick a lollipop and look at the bottom of the stick. If the stick is red, you win a prize; if not, you still get the lollipop as a treat.


Look at the numbers on the bottom of the game, choose your number, and drop the plinko chip down the opening. If it lands on your number, you win.

Pull Up Coke

Every age can test their skill. The pole provided has a ring attached to the line. The object is to hook the bottle and stand it upright to win.

Ring a Bottle

Crates of bottles are displayed. The player tosses 3 red rings. One in wins.

Ring An Elephant

Simply toss a rig around the elephant's trunk. This game requires no peanuts.

Road Rally

6 people running a race. Each person rolls the dice to determine how many spaces you move. The first one to end is a winner.

Slap Shot Hockey

74-inch game board that has 3 obstacles in front of the goalie. You have 3 chances to get 2 pucks in for a win.

Spill the Milk

A favorite from years ago. Three bottles are stacked in a pyramid. One swift throw clears them off the stand and wins.

Spin Art

Pick their favorite colors and squirt them into the spinner. They come out artwork! Cars are framed.

Tic Tac Toe

Everyone knows how to play this one. Take three balls and toss them onto the grid board, make a tic tac toe and win.

Tip a Troll

Knock over three trolls in a row to win a prize.

Wacky Wire

Test your ability and skill as you try to run the loop up the curved wire before the light goes off. Truly steady hands win.

Whack A Mole
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Whack A Mole

Game contestants challenge eachother to bop plastic molded moles as they randomly pop out from their holes. The player who gets the most points wins!

Wheel of Fortune

24 prize game wheel. One spin of the wheel and you're a winner.

Wrestle Mania

Pin 3 wrestlers down for the count to win large prizes.